Golden Goose V-Star LTD Sneakers In Black Canvas With Ice-gray Suede Star And Heel Tab GWF00129.F003088.90184

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Item: GWF00129.F003088.90184
Instock Size: EU 36,UK 3,US 6,Insole 230mm|EU 37,UK 4,US 7,Insole 235mm|EU 38,UK 5,US 8,Insole 240mm|EU 39,UK 6,US 9,Insole 245mm|EU 40,UK 7,US 10,Insole 250mm|EU 41,UK 7,US 8,Insole 255mm|EU 42,UK 8,US 9,Insole 260mm|EU 43,UK 9,US 10,Insole 265mm|EU 44,UK 10,US 11,Insole 270mm|EU 45,UK 11,US 12,Insole 275mm|EU 35,UK 2,US 5,Insole 225mm

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Beauty that lies in simplicity: in our V-Star sneakers, an essential shape meets stylish detail. The black canvas upper of this model features a star and heel tab in ice-gray suede. And black laces add the finishing touch.


Item No. GWF00129.F003088.90184

  • Black canvas upper
  • Ice-gray suede star
  • Ice-gray suede heel tab
  • Ice-gray suede insert
  • Black laces
  • Vintage finish
  • Upper: 89% cotton, 11% cow leather
  • Lining: 55% cotton, 45% cow leather
  • Sole: 100% rubber
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    EU 36,UK 3,US 6,Insole 230mm, EU 37,UK 4,US 7,Insole 235mm, EU 38,UK 5,US 8,Insole 240mm, EU 39,UK 6,US 9,Insole 245mm, EU 40,UK 7,US 10,Insole 250mm, EU 41,UK 7,US 8,Insole 255mm, EU 42,UK 8,US 9,Insole 260mm, EU 43,UK 9,US 10,Insole 265mm, EU 44,UK 10,US 11,Insole 270mm, EU 45,UK 11,US 12,Insole 275mm, EU 35,UK 2,US 5,Insole 225mm

    2 reviews for Golden Goose V-Star LTD Sneakers In Black Canvas With Ice-gray Suede Star And Heel Tab GWF00129.F003088.90184

    1. Emilio Garvayo Martin

      Golden Goose V-Star sneakers are a perfetto choice for anyone looking for a stylish and comfortable sneaker. The black canvas upper is accented with an ice-gray suede star and heel tab, and the black laces add a touch of class. The sneakers are made from high-quality materials, including cotton, cow leather, and rubber, and they feature a vintage finish that gives them a unique look.

    2. Thomas Lindlbauer

      The Golden Goose V-Star LTD Sneakers are a great choice for everyday wear. They’re made from durable canvas and suede, and they have a comfortable fit. I’ve been wearing them for over a year now, and they’ve held up well. I’ve even worn them in the water, and they still work great. The only downside is that the belt quality is not the best, and it broke after a year of use. But overall, I’m very happy with these sneakers and would definitely recommend them.

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